About The Farm


Holistic Management

All decisions and modes of production at beaverland farms are weighed against our holistic management policy. The main tenets of that policy are as follows:

Regenerative Enterprises

Through the farm enterprises we work to create beneficial environmental change that not only sustains but builds our local resource base. By designing systems and enterprises which facilitate life processes we enable perennial, evolving systems which improve production capacity over time.

Ecosystem Mimicry

We have structured the farm and its enterprises to mimic the complexity and resiliency of a natural ecosystem, while simultaneously yielding the highest-quality edible products.  We plan for multi-species/crop interactions, and emergent properties that arise out of these connections.

financial independence

We are developing the farm to generate sufficient income to allow us to increase our current production and allow for a high quality of life. We also want to expand our enterprises and bring on future partners and managers who can make an ample salary from their work here.

Community Networks

We try to ensure that our customers, stakeholders, and friends feel a part of a broader positive movement. Our farm works with other growers in the region and we look to develop the capacity of others through on-site educational experiences as well as the chance to develop independent enterprises that leverage our exisiting infrastructure.

Professional transparency

We demonstrate ethical and sustainable profit with an open farm policy. Progress, successes, and failures are documented then openly and honestly share these with visitors, customers, public & wider networks (locally & digitally). We are available and willing to help and host guests, but please review our visitor policy before heading to the farm.

Quality Driven

By innovating in farming and marketing practices, we provide products and services which are diverse and complementary. We only eat nutrient-dense, whole, healthy foods on the farm and promise to deliver the same to our customers. We pride ourselves on our excellent direct customer relationships & services as we always deliver  as much as or more than is expected or required.



Farm Enterprises

It is our intention to develop multiple farm enterprises to generate multiple products and services for our community. We hope to one day have many partners at the farm, each managing their individual enterprise.

Drone shot of market garden.png

Market Garden

The market garden is our primary farm enterprise. We operate 135 intensively cropped beds, each of which see as many as 4 crops in one season. 



We are developing on the farm a small neighborhood "u-pick," in which we will offer customers the opportunity to pick their own strawberries, blackberries, raspberries apples, cherries, and various medicinal herbs. These products will be available seasonally for a discounted rate.



We are planting the first seeds of our on-farm nursery. We will propagate and sell perennial useful and edible plant and tree species.