About Visiting the Farm




Please contact us before coming to the farm. This is our home as well as a working farm. We manage and accept visitors by appointment, with the expectation that our guests will be alongside us during our daily tasks, and assisting when appropriate. For more information, visit our full Farm Policy.



Staying & Living

We do have accommodations for overnight guests in certain circumstances. Please contact us to learn more.

While guests at Beaverland Farms are welcome and encouraged to accompany and assist us in the day-to-day operations, we are in no way dependent on outside support. It is within the mission of the farm to have a business that is not reliant on volunteer or free labor. We support ourselves, and employ outsiders when necessary and appropriate. Wwoofers and other travelers may come to Beaverland with the understanding that they are participating in a networking opportunity, educational experience, and cultural exchange. We are not trading work hours for housing or training. If you are interested in employment or internships, we can provide alternative resources.